Entrepreneur • Botanist • Chef

Fredericksburg Herb Farm Corporation

An herb farm dedicated to manufacturing over 600 personal care and gourmet food products with distribution channels in the U.S., Canada and Japan.

  • Began operations in 1985 with a retail outlet in the city center and then expanded to a 5 acre farm and manufacturing facility.
  • Increased sales from 65K in the first year of operation to $1.5 million per year which included $300K in annual international sales.
  • Expanded herb farm to include a day spa, restaurant and a bed & breakfast.
  • Exhibited at trade shows in New York, California, Texas and Georgia.
  • Created monthly electronic newsletter that was distributed to over 5,000 individuals.
  • Appeared in numerous national, and local magazines and professional publications.
  • Created Private Label products, personal care, aromatherapy and gourmet foods for large and small companies in the U.S. and Japan.

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